Sunday, October 01, 2006

Breastfeeding your child

Babies are the most fragile and they demand proper caring. Feeding them is the most difficult and meticulous of all since giving them the right amount of nutrition will determine there immune system.
Babies depend on the adults for there daily food and knowing which is the right kind is one we must know about. On the first five months of the child, there bodies are preparing for the milk that will be given to the child when he/she comes out. Nevertheless, some conditions of the mother might hinder in providing the breastfeeding to the child. It might be emotionally, medical or for some instance absence of the mother. This is why, technology has its own way of meeting the needs of the child by providing the same nutrients and nutritional values to supplement the child.
Why in the first place, breastfeeding is very essential to child. This is because the breast milk has composition that is most appropriate for a given period of time and the right amount of nutrition. During the first breastfeeding of the child, the breast milk itself provides colostrums that are very high in protein, vitamins and minerals sufficient for that newborn baby.
Breast milk has fewer amounts of sodium and protein that in return does not cause kidney problems among infants. Giving the safest and natural milk one baby can have. Digestion is not a problem since it has lactalbumin (a protein). It does not give conflict in the stomach which infants have the most sensitive part of their bodies. Unlike any other milk, it has antibodies which help the immune system get stronger to fight illnesses that they are exposed to. The calcium found in the milk is better absorbed to babies almost 13%. Mom’s milk compared to any milk is allergy free unless for instance that mother has eaten something being absorbed by breast milk and passed on the child.
Breastmilk has never been found to cause diarrhea since it is sterile and destroys the harmful microorganisms that causes digestive problems or stomach upset. It is ready to use without any heating, the temperature is at perfect level.
What is most convenient in breastfeeding is the availability of it at all times at the time the child needed it There is no special diet a mother has to go through in order to supply the milk to her child. It can only depend on what she eats to eliminate the passing of allergy.
Through breastfeeding, a bond or relationship between mother and child is greatly enhanced. The connection from the time the child is conceived until it is born in this world. Nothing in this world can compare the kind of connection, an opportunity or privilege of the mother to feed her child.
What is so different between breastfeeding is the optimum level of nutrition sufficient to nourish the child and helps in stronger immune system. Breastfeeding is the most recommended by doctors anywhere in the world. Since breastmilk is different from any other milk and nothing can ever replace the nutritional value it gives. It constantly changes its content to the needed nutrition of the child. Unlike cow’s milk and other milk found in the market, it must be consulted first to the physician before the actual intake. Child stomach discomfort is unavoidable since it is not fitting to their stomach intake.
Just by knowing this sort of things and as a girl who will soon bear a child, then having a sneak preview of what goes on in our own body is important. Nowadays, so many different kinds of milk are available in the market and with women are competing with boys in work we seldom realize the importance of breastmilk. Some women are too busy to feed or might no time to sit and feed their babies instead resort to branded milks to replace breastmilk must think twice. Nothing replaces the milk of the mother and that tender loving care.
Nature itself has its own way of feeding us when we grow older and nature itself has its own way of feeding us when we could not even chew a food. From the mother’s womb who intently feed it inside can also sufficiently feed infants when they come out. This is the design of nature and anything that breaks nature may come close to the original design of it.

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