Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caring for Babies Skin

When deciding on a skincare range for your baby make sure extra care and consideration is taken. Although babies’ skin develops soon after conception it is still not fully developed when they are born. Skin is the largest organ in our body that is responsible for the sense of touch; it holds vital waters, keeps out toxin and bacteria, thus acting as a barrier. Babies’ skin is different than ours as it is thinner and contains lesser oil and melanin thus it needs more protection from the environment.

Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin color and protects it from the sun, without it babies can easily have a heat burn if exposed to long in the sun. Since baby’s skin is thinner any substance that is applied to the skin can be easily absorbed, so make sure to select a skincare range that is extra mild preferably fragrance free, soap free and hypoallergenic. The skincare must also be able to provide sufficient moisture and protection for baby’s skin.

After the first few weeks after birth, it is common for newborns to develop skin conditions such as baby acne, cradle cap, heat rash, eczema. Skin conditions can be stressful as every mother wants her baby to perfect from head to toe and cradle cap and eczema can be quite nasty to look at. Caring for your babies’ skin is quite easy once you get to know the cause of the problem and the relevant treatment.

Clothing’s can also be a cause for skin conditions such as chafing, as it is in constant contact with the skin. Baby must always be dressed in loose apparels, which are soft and clean. The right detergent and fabric softener need to be used to care for babies’ clothes that is dye and perfume free. Harsh and soiled fabric can cause dryness and irritation to babies’ sensitive skin. Rinsing your newborn clothes a few times should be sufficient to get rid of any debris of the detergent left in the fabric.

Surcare range such as Surcare Automatic non-biological washing powder, tablets and liquids are
dermatological tested and dermatologist approved and has no added dye or irritating perfumes. This will be helpful to prevent and minimize dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. In order to obtain more information on the product; visit their website at www.surcare.co.uk or e-mail at surcare@mcbride.co.uk.

Newborns retain some of their mothers’ hormones after birth and these hormones trigger the production of oil that starts to clog up the immature oil glands on baby’s face. Thus pimples and whiteheads start to appear on the face and cheeks. This baby acne will usually resolve by itself in due time. It is also advisable not to apply soap on baby’s face.

Cradle cap is crusty red patches on babies’ scalp. This is caused by the overactive oil glands on the scalp. Apply some baby oil on the scalp gently and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with a mild baby shampoo or you can use a baby comb to brush it out.

Heat rash is small pink spots on the baby’s body due to overheating, humidity and undeveloped sweat glands. Dress baby in loose, clean clothes and don’t overheat the room, make sure there is good air ventilation in the room. Chafing results when there is friction between the skin and baby’s clothing or when areas of skin rubs together. Clean and dry the skin and then apply cornstarch powder, cream or lotion and avoid clothes with rubber or straps.

Infantile Eczema or Atopic dermatitis is an itchy skin inflammation that can be followed by outbreaks. It starts out as a red itchy rash on the cheeks that spread to the neck and nappy area. If it starts to produce pus then see a doctor immediately. Some preventive measures that can be taken is do not overheat baby, use cotton clothes as it is more breathable compared to woolen or synthetic fabrics that can cause irritation and sweating. Wash the clothes in a perfume free detergent and apply lotion or cream to moisturize skin to avoid dryness. Cleansers such as aqueous cream and prescribed steroid cream can help to reduce the inflammation.

Another common skin condition in babies’ is nappy rash as their bottom is in constant contact with the urine and stool, which makes their skin sore. Use a breathable diaper that can absorb the urine to avoid wetness and apply a cream that will protect baby’s skin from the wetness. Baby wipes are also quite handy for constant cleaning and diaper change, select wipes that clean and moisturize at the same time like Johnson Baby Skincare wipes. It is made with revolutionary new softwaves and is enriched with a special moisturizing lotion and the added bonus is that it is alcohol free, pH balanced and has NO MORE TEARS FORMULA. So you can use it on babies’ face as well as their bottoms.

Babies’ also need to be given a bath frequently as they are sleeping and lying on their bed most of the time. Sweat, urine and stool are sources of bacteria and it is important to make sure that baby’s skin is always clean. It is important to select a skincare that is not only mild but also natural. AVEENO skincare provides a wide range of products from baby bath to nappy rash cream that are made from natural ingredients such as oatmeal.

AVEENO Baby wash and shampoo is tear free and contains natural oatmeal extract which cleans without drying babies, skin. It is so gentle it can be used daily and is suitable for newborns too. It is enriched with natural oat lipids and protein that is extracted from oat kernels and it is hypoallergenic. Babies with itchy, dry and irritated skin due to eczema, rashes and insect bites can be given a bath with the AVEENO Soothing bath treatment for relief. After the bath babies skin will be softer, moisturized and relieved as the treatment contains natural colloidal oatmeal. The treatment is also skin protectant, fragrance free, soap free and hypoallergenic. The AVEENO Baby diaper rash cream is rich in zinc oxide and soothing colloidal oatmeal, which is suitable to treat nappy rash that can be painful for babies at times.

Please visit AVEENO website at www.aveeno.com for more detailed information about the products and their purposes. There are many more products in the market for babies’ skin but be sure to select a skincare range that is natural and one that has been established in the market for a certain period of time.

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