Thursday, October 26, 2006

Great Gifts for Dads

By Brandi M. Seals

When kids buy presents, they often need a little hint from mom or dad on what might make a good present. If they are young enough, most children have no concept of how much things cost. Parents can opt to have the kids buy gifts with their own money or they may help them out with the cost. However, you do not want to start your child off on the wrong foot by letting them believe they are paying nothing or close to nothing for a new saw for daddy's workshop. Help your kids determine how much they should be spending on gifts as well as what might make a great gift within that range.

Dads will love anything they get from their kids. But if you need a little help steering your kids towards good gift ideas, consult the following list.

If your husband wears ties, then what could be better than a new tie from the kids? Try to keep them away from the #1 Dad ties or other pieces that are too flashy to get any real wear. The kids will watch for dad to wear that tie and if he does not, it could hurt their feelings.

Many men will try to act tough and say though do not need gloves even in freezing weather. Change their minds with a pair of gloves from the kids. Not only will your husband's hands stay softer, but the kids will have fun picking from leather, knitted or even suede gloves.

Nothing is more cozy then spending the weekend in your PJs. Direct the kids to a pair of slippers that dad will enjoy all day long. Any time he gets up from bed or wanders around the house in PJs, the kids will see those slippers come out.

Before shopping tell the kids to listen to the radio with dad. Have them see if they can pick out a particular song or artist that he listens to a lot. With that knowledge in hand you can head out to the music store and pick up the appropriate CD. This way the kids get a better idea of how to go about picking out gifts for others in the future.

Clothing is an easy out for anyone. Tell the kids to be stealthy sleuths and find out what size shirt and pants dad wears without asking him. It does not matter if you already know the sizes, let them play an active part in the planning. Then hit the stores. Look around see what they pick out. When they find a shirt they like (inevitably kids always seem to love the shirts) have them explain why they want to get the shirt. Is it the design? Do they love the color?

If the shirt is hideous and you do not think it will go over well, try to steer them towards something similar but better. For example, the kids love a bright lime green sweater for dad. Point out that you love that they like bold color, but don't you think dad looks much better in this color right here? If you cannot get the kids to go for it, you can either buy it or come up with some sort of an excuse. The choice is up to you but I would discourage crushing their hopes. Try a few things; I am sure you can persuade the kids to get something else.

All guys like tools right? Well maybe not, but if your guy has a collection, why not add to it? Make a list of tools you think their dad will like and then head out to the store. Show them the different items on the list and see what suits their fancy. Kids tend to like bright shiny objects. Avoid large things like saws. Instead stick to things like wrenches and screwdrivers.

Hobby Items
Most guys have a hobby or too. Maybe they play football or collect shot glasses. See if your kids can pick out daddy's hobby. If not, let them in on it and then ask if they have any gift ideas that would work for the hobby. If the kids get stumped, offer up a few ideas of your own. See what they go for.

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