Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hazard-free home for your baby

It is always good to keep our home free from hazard especially when we have small guys at home. There are the ones who are susceptible to accidents if there are no safety measurements practiced at home. We might endanger them to possible accidents and we do not want these things to happen.

These are the possible tips I can consider are best for your hazard-free home. Starting of course in the bathroom where it is slippery and things that should not be accessible are unfortunately is in there reach. Ironic I must say that things that should be out of reach are the most accessible to kids. Better try separating the things that should be accessible to kids from those that should not be accessible. In a bathroom, small children must not be inside alone and must take assistance from older ones.

To achieve this, always keep the door closed to prevent children from attempting to get inside. The problem one parent will always encounter is that children are always interested to water. If they get inside the bathroom the tendency is that, they play over the faucet or anything that they find has water. The next thing you will find is that children will drink from the faucet or take a bath with their clothes on or not. The other thing is that toilet bowls is where most of the accidents happen. Most kids fall into the bowl, whether the bowl is too big or just enough for them. Your child might get injured from falling into the bowl and worst is drowning. Some objects inside the bathroom such as sharp razors, scissors and even appliances are very dangerous for the kids. They barely know what adults use of them and they will always think that it is a toy. Keep away these utensils to high places or locked inside the cabinet where a child has no access. Medicines kept inside the cabinet must always be kept locked to prevent them from swallowing, usage or playing over them. Bathroom tiles are slippery when wet so place non-slip mat to prevent kids from tripping, falling or slide. Safety first is our main concern and even with assistance don't ever get your eyes out from your children especially inside the bathroom.

Another hazardous part of the house for the child is the kitchen. Kitchen has materials that are easily broken. It is where we cook and this ultimately is not a place for a child. Make sure that all flammable materials such as matches, candle and lighter kept in a secured place. Children get curious to anything that can ignite fire. They cannot recognize things that can endanger them or the whole family. It has been known that some accidents at home are caused by burning a candle and even igniting a matchstick. Be sure these flammable objects are out of reach for children and kept in high places.
Other major accidents are the use of sharp utensils such as knives others are glassware. If possible, wash the dishes before leaving at home or keep them inside the utensil cabinet. These kinds of materials should not be left unattended to counters and tables. In the dining area if your child is not appropriate to the chair he/she is using, try making a chair that is fit for your child. Accidents such as falling from high chair do happen. Secure furniture that is always fit for their size. It is best to use plastic wares for your child so that if they intend to throw or play with it then it will be less harmful. Try not to use tablecloth in your tables to avoid them from pulling the tablecloth. Most of the time, children have the tendency to pull things without knowing the implications of this. If you're too busy handling your baby as well as preparing the food, make sure that you do not carry both the baby and a hot item. Set aside the hot item and place the child to a secure chair before you do anything. You might interchange the baby from the hot item you are serving or worst getting yourself child injured.

In the living room and other parts of the house it is important that it is always accident-free. For example, in the bookshelf always secure that it is not movable and books are held tightly to reduce of falling onto their heads. If you are using carpets in your floor, check if installed to avoid children to trip. Check the toys that you give to your child and consider the size of the toys. This is to prevent them from swallowing and even choking the child. Keep in safety places such as coins, pins, buttons and jewelries or other small objects. Keep them out of reach at all times. When it comes to home pets, be sure that your pets are not in contact with them when you are not around. Animals sometimes act strangely when they are with children or children might not know the behavior of the animals.

It is always advantageous to keep the house from any danger especially when a small guy or children at home. Make sure that wherever the child goes inside the house, it is maintained child-friendly.

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