Friday, October 20, 2006

Mom Pet Peeves

Sometimes it may seem like everything is stacked against you. You have to get across town for a hair appointment but Junior's busy throwing a tantrum and the babysitter is late. But there are some things, some mom pet peeves, which grate on moms regardless of how busy they are or what mood they are in.

1.) Child Haters
It seems today there are people out there who hate children. In fact they seem to hate that children even exist. You have seen them. They are the ones that automatically ask for another table when seated by a family. They are the ones that make snarky comments implying you must keep your son under control when he simply talking excitedly.

From glares at happy sing-songy children to rude comments to breastfeeding mothers, the list of things that I have seen child haters do is endless. One thing that remains the same in all cases is that the children were being well behaved when they were being subjected to judging looks and comments.

Do not confuse those that simply dislike when children are allowed to run amok with child haters. I understand full well people's animosity towards a child that is acting up in public, completely disturbing those around him and not receiving any sort of reprimand. Those people are not child haters. They are simply annoyed at ineffective parenting.

There is should always be tolerance for children. Sometimes they yell when they are excited. Sometimes they run around too much. And, sometimes they are cranky and want everyone to know it. I think we all need to be tolerant of these issues, but I also think some parents need to step up their responses to misbehaving children.

2.) People Parked in the Loading Lane
Ever come out of the grocery store with a cart loaded with groceries and the two kids after sending your spouse out to grab the car and meet you at in the loading lane? It is nice when everything works out and you step out the door and can just start loading everything in. However, my experience shows that someone is always parked in the loading lane and blocking its use from everyone else. Sure that car my not sit there all day, but who wants to wait the 20 minutes for the thing to move.

If your spouse is waiting nearby with the vehicle, experience shows that somehow there is always a very large step down you would need to do with the cart to get over to the nearby waiting vehicle (because the one hogging the loading lane is inevitably blocking the nice ramp down from the sidewalk). So instead of rolling up and dropping off, you are forced to carry groceries from your cart over to your car; load after load.

So for all those people that are just going to run in and grab something while your spouse waits in the vehicle - make sure the car gets parked in a parking space. The loading lane is not for you to hog up while you go grab something.

3.) Others that Know Best
If you have more then one kid, think back to when you had your first. Were you inundated with information from other moms or heck from anyone who felt it was necessary to throw their two cents in? I bet you were. Being a new mom can be hard. They are right when they say your baby does not come with a manual. But you learn how to get it done and you will inevitably find your way. The annoying thing is when others try to trump you. "Are you sure Billy should be crawling on the floor? He might pick something up down there."

Unsolicited advice is everywhere. I am all for learning from one another but perhaps waiting until you are asked would be a better approach then undermining a mother's decisions. I am sure all the mothers out there became full aware of how annoying unsolicited advice was while being pregnant. Everywhere you turn there is someone say go sit down or do not stretch your hands above your head because you might choke the baby. It can really grate on one's nerves.

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