Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Family Friendly Pups

By Brandi M. Seals

There are several dog breeds that do well with families. Look for one whose needs can easily be met and who will work well with other pets if you have them. If you and your family are in search of a new pet, consider giving one of these dog breeds a chance.

Australian Terrier
Country of Origin: Australia.
Size: Shoulder height: About 9.75 inches
Weight: Around 12 - 14.5 lb
Coat: Medium length straight and hard hair medium
Character: Very intelligent and playful
Temperament: Wary around strangers but gets along well with kids.
Care: Brush at least once a week and pluck the coat every 3 months.
Training: Use strict training with the quick learning Australian Terrier as they often wants to do its own thing
Activity: Adaptable but loves to have room to play

Country of Origin: England.
Size: Shoulder height: 13 - 16.25 inches
Weight: About 33 lbs.
Coat: Short and weather-proof hair
Character: Sociable but independent.
Temperament: Socialize at a young age with other pets but otherwise are very friendly
Care: Brush often
Training: Beagles learn best in obedience class
Activity: Needs lots of exercise, not suitable for apartment life

Country of Origin: Germany.
Size: Shoulder height: 21 - 25 inches
Coat: Coat is short and smooth.
Character: Happy, friendly, and intelligent
Temperament: Bet along well with children and pets - like to protect family from strangers
Care: Brush occasionally.
Training: Must train not to jump on people, learns quickly
Activity: Needs plenty of exercise

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Country of Origin: Wales.
Size: Shoulder height: 12 inches
Coat: Short-haired and weather-resistant hair
Character: Smart, calm, bonds closely with family
Temperament: Requires early socialization with other pets, gets along well with children
Care: Brush occasionally
Training: Eager to learn what is expected of them
Activity: Likes to be outdoors, should be walked regularly

Fila Brasileiro
Country of Origin: Brazil.
Size: Shoulder height: 23.5 to 29.5 inches.
Coat: Smooth, short hair
Character: Courageous, determined, faithful.
Temperament: Obedient with family, tolerates strangers but is a good guardian
Care: Requires regular grooming with a brush and comb
Training: Easy to train due to intelligence and easy-going demeanor
Activity: Naturally a hunting and working dog, so needs lots of exercise

German Shorthaired Pointer
Country of Origin: Germany.
Size: Shoulder height: 22.75 - 26 inches
Coat: Comes in multiple colors but all have short hair
Character: Intelligent, eager to learn, loyal and brave.
Temperament: Gets along well with pets and children and serves as a good watchdog
Care: Requires occasional brushing ear cleaning
Training: Can be difficult if handlers are not consistent
Activity: Needs long walks and the opportunity to swim and retrieve

Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Country of Origin: Switzerland.
Size: Shoulder height: 23.5 - 28.5 inches
Coat: Straight hair with a thick undercoat
Character: Likes to stay active, is a good watchdog and is friendly, intelligent and protective
Temperament: Wonderful with children and other animals
Care: Groom with a rubber brush on occasion
Training: This strong character breed requires a strong handler
Activity: Loves to get plenty of exercise outside, but will not hold it against you if it cannot go out everyday

Country of Origin: England.
Size: Shoulder height: 27.5 - 30 inches
Coat: Short hair that comes in several colors
Character: Rarely barks but does defend territory and family, breed is gentle natured
Temperament: Generally good with children and gets along with other pets if properly socialized
Care: Because it is a large dog, Mastiffs need a soft bed to lie on and owners need to pay special attention to nutritional needs, also needs to be brushed when shedding
Training: Training should be done with respect and should be consistent
Activity: Needs to save energy during development but as adults, Mastiffs only require an average amount of exercise

Pharaoh Hound
Country of Origin: Malta.
Size: Shoulder height: 20.75 - 22 inches
Coat: Short hairs generally reddish-brown
Character: Loyal, affectionate, playful, and calm
Temperament: Wary of strangers but get along well with children, requires early socialization to get along with other animals
Care: Low maintenance brushing to remove dead hair is required
Training: The hound's independent nature requires consistent training
Activity: Needs lots of exercise and must be fenced in or will run off to hunt for prey

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