Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smart Shopping for Mothers

What mother is not interested in saving money in any way she can? Every dollar and cent you have is valuable to you and therefore finding ways to spend it wisely is often a necessity of life. Read on for ways to get the most out of your dollar, in every way possible.

Cash is the only way to go.
Yes, credit cards, debit cards and checks are sometimes more convenient to shop with but that is precisely what you do not want. The truth of the matter is that cold hard cash in your hand is more difficult to part with so if being thrifty is what you have in mind, leave your click click cards at home. You are much less likely to buy what you do not need if you use money instead.

Call up a babysitter for the kids.
Kids like to shop with their mother but they often see things they want to buy at the store or shopping mall. Impulse shopping is extremely common when you bring the kids along for a shopping spree, even if it is just to the grocery store. Try not to feel like a bad parent when you decide to hire a babysitter. It is not easy to see the look on those downtrodden faces when you leave but it will make it easy to only buy what you need and no little extras. Another idea is to do your shopping when the kids are in school or at preschool. Another idea is to shop in the evening after they have gone to bed and leave dad to watch them or shop when they are visiting the grandparents who can spoil them silly while you are gone.

Organize your grocery list appropriately.
When you visit the grocery store write your list according to departments. In other words categorize the list by way of the produce department, the meat department, bakery, deli, frozen foods, dairy, etc. This is not so much of a money saver but it can save you a great deal of time and energy because you are not running back and forth in the grocery store, steering your cart to and fro.

In-season vegetables are where it is at.
You will save money when you purchase vegetables in season and then freeze them so when the prices go up in the winter months for example, you will have plenty of fresh tasty veggies to use for meals. This also works the same for fruits. Make sure you package them properly so they do not become freezer burned.

Shop off-season and end-of season for clothing needs.
Money will be saved if you buy clothing items and accessories such as handbags, belts, scarves, and hats in the off-season and/or wait until the end-of-the-season and then indulge in the sales that will feature discounted prices. For example buy gloves, scarves and hats for winter in the summertime. Often large department stores only sell their merchandise in season so off-season shopping is not an option but smaller specialty stores do often offer this shopping option.

Furniture and household appliances on display are good buys.
When it comes to large ticket items such as household appliances and furniture, the smart shopper knows then when you purchase items on display they are cheaper. Another good point about display items is that there is no assembly required! Of course if you do not own a large car or a truck and the store does not deliver then you will be out of luck with this cost saving idea!

Eyeglass wearers listen up!
If you are a mother who wears eyeglasses, or if any of your family members do, find out what the price of the new frames and the lenses are separately. With the prices in mind shop around at different places to ferret out the best price possible. Yes it is standard practice to buy lenses and frames in the same location but it is not an absolute necessity. The same goes for eye exams. You do not have to buy glasses or contact lenses from the eye doctor who does your eye exam unless you choose to do so.

Buy beauty products at drugstores for affordably low prices.
All ladies enjoy cosmetic and skin care products as well as perfumes and bath products, not to mention manicures, pedicures, hair treatments and spa treatments. To save money forego the expensive department stores and beauty shops and buy your favorite products from drugstores. To save even more money check the flyers ahead of time and buy items when they are on sale. Pamper yourself at home with your products and once in awhile invite a friend over when the kids are away for the night to have a girls spa night in. Everyone needs pampering occasionally mom and let us face it- you are worth it!

Prepare for birthday celebrations before they happen.
There are always birthday parties and baby and/or bridal showers that come up unexpectedly so never be caught empty handed and unaware. Shop for such things as hostess gifts, party favors and birthday party loot bag items well in advance of any anticipated celebrations. This is an excellent way to save some hard earned cash. Buying items when they are on sale helps to save more money as well. The newest wave in shopping that is gaining ground fast is the dollar stores that are cropping up everywhere. The dollar stores are where merchandise such as wrapping paper, greeting cards, party supplies and seasonal items can be purchased at very low prices that will not break the bank by any means. Take the time to explore these valuable options to make your shopping experiences as affordable as ever.

So there you go mom, you have some money saving ideas in hand that should help next time you need to do some shopping!

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