Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Babies, Babies, Babies!

By Christina VanGinkel

Did you ever notice that every so often, there seems to be a flux in the number of babies you see? Oh, you know, there are always babies, from newborn to toddlers that you run into with their parents and caregivers, but then, suddenly it seems like no matter where you look, you are seeing tiny babies seemingly everywhere, the grocery, or department store, in restaurants, at the park, even being dropped off at your gym's daycare. Sometimes you might actually be experiencing a true increase in the number of babies you see, but oftentimes, it is just that you are noticing what is already there!

What a woman wants is often what she is most tuned into, and babies are no different from that shiny new diamond pendant that you have been coveting, making every new piece of jewelry that your friends are sporting, seem like they are having all the fun and you are not. This is not to mean babies are the same as a piece of jewelry, just the way the human conscience sometimes explodes the fact that we want one, is. We see an infant, so small and perfect, bundled in a parent's arms, and we suddenly ache for that infant to be our own, snuggled close to us, and not somebody else. We want others to be envious of us. The thing is, when this happens, we are not always even conscious of it, it is just nature's way of ensuring that life goes on. While this is all well and good for nature though, in today's society there is a lot more thought that needs to go into having that little bundle of joy beyond the want. Financial responsibility, space for another child within the house we live in, agreement from our significant other on the subject, and much more.

Maybe you have consciously thought about having a baby, be it number one or four. Possibly, the idea has been there, but you have been suppressing it for a variety of reasons. You just got a promotion at work, or think you might be in the running and a raise sure would be nice. Maybe your baby is no longer at that baby stage, but well into toddler hood or even in school, and you find that while you are craving the idea of an infant once again in some ways, in many others, such as diapers and sleepless nights, you are not. It could even be that the actual thought of having a child scares you to death. You might feel that your world as you have come to know it would come to a screeching halt. Still, for some odd reason, you want a baby, and no amount of reasoning diminishes this simple truth.

Like any other major decision in your life, the possibility of having a baby, be it a first or an addition to a family that already consists of several children, is a big step, and acknowledging that fact is the best step that you can take. With this in mind then, the best way to make such a decision is to face it head on. Sit down with your significant other and discuss what your feelings are. They might be having similar thoughts, or just the opposite, with such an idea sending them into a tailspin of emotions that assures them that a child is the last thing they are ready to take on. Because of this, getting it all out in the open is the best way to make an informed decision.

No matter your decision, whether it ends up with you taking that leap of faith and trying physically for another baby, progressing with an adoption, setting up an appointment with a fertility specialist, or recognizing that right now is not the time in your life to be taking on the added responsibility of a child, at least you gave it the time and consideration such a monumental life decision deserves. Jumping into the idea of having a child or passing on such an important choice is not to be taken lightly. When you do decide though, you will at least know that you gave it the attention and thought that it was so deserving of.

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