Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If You are a Stay at Home Mom Opt for a Feng Shui Friendly Office

Congratulations! You have had a baby and have decided to not return to the job you really do not miss but instead have made the big decision to be a stay at home mom who works from your own little corner of the world- your cozy home office. Whether you have lots of space or are starting out with a shoebox size, make the most of your home office by setting it up in a manner that will help increase your productivity and will help keep your energy and your level of morale as high as it should be to do the best job you know you are capable of.

Here are some things to consider when arranging your office to fit Feng Shui principles. Do not worry, your home office will be Feng Shui friendly in no time flat!

First of all arrange your desk to have it sitting in the corner farthest from the entrance but do not sit in line with the door as this breeds negative energy. In the ancient art of Feng Shui, negative energy is referred to as sha. Obstacles and problems are believed to arise if a worker is in alignment with a door, especially if it is the main door to the office so be aware of this.

It is also smart to avoid arranging your desk so that it looks out into a hallway, a staircase, closets, storage rooms or bathrooms. In a home this is not always an easy task but try your best to make it so.

Have your chair positioned so that a wall is behind your back and avoid sitting with a window behind you because this makes you vulnerable (and it can be drafty on chilly days!). If having a window behind you is unavoidable, try to minimize the negative effect of it by placing a screen between your chair and the window or draw the drapes or blinds and keep them closed as long as you are at your desk.

Do not place any of these items near the main door of your office- a photocopy machine, a paper cutter or an empty vase. A full vase of flowers is fine, but once the flowers are dead, move the vase someone out if sight. Empty vases also look sad and unused.

Always place the fax machine in the wealth sector or the wealth area (as it is sometimes referred to) of your office. This area is the far right corner of the room. The same applies to the arrangement of your telephone and computer. Place them in the far right corner of your desk along with a crystal paperweight. This helps to increase sales (if you are into that type of at-home work). Placing the paperweight on top of any paperwork related to incoming funds should help it grow. The opposite is true if you place a paperweight on top of a pile of bills that you need to pay so watch where you put that paperweight!

In Feng Shui dragons symbolize courage and inspiration and it is believed that seeing a dragon stimulates the subconscious mind to strive to be more successful. For this reason consider placing a dragon figurine on the right hand side of your desk, with its face towards a window or door.

Keep clutter away from your home office as it goes without saying that clutter is the enemy of Feng Shui. Do not allow your office space or desk to become cluttered. Get into a habit of organizing and tidying up your desk and work area on a consistent basis. Keep the desktop as clear as possible by filing papers and folders away in drawers.

The flow of money is symbolized by flowing water. If increasing cash flow is a priority, place an indoor fountain or aquarium (with black or blue fish preferably) in the wealth area of your home office, which is the far right corner. Many department stores sell plug in or battery operated fountains, as they do not have to be elaborate or overly big. A water feature is also considered good for the mental and physical well being of a person. Flowing water counteracts the effects of indoor heating and/or air conditioning by adding healthy, negatively charged ions to the air.

Plants are excellent for a home office as plants with round, smooth leaves help increase the flow of positive chi (which is positive life energy) and are good for air quality. However avoid plants with sharp pointed leaves or thorns such as cactuses. Another positive pick me up for your home officer that is likely to work wonders is to place hanging crystals in sun-lit windows. The positive chi that this generates will definitely make a great deal of difference to the environment.

If falling ill is a problem of yours, consider the Feng Shui solution for maladies, which is to increase the metal element in the office. Hang a wind chime made up of six or seven metal rods, about one foot long each, over your desk as the sound of metal clanking together is thought to be therapeutic. Hanging a crystal in the general area is also supposed to be helpful in increasing positive chi energy and destroying negative sha energy.

Keep the cords to all of your office equipment well concealed in order to avoid clutter, injury and to allow chi to flow as freely about the room as possible. You do not want to fall on your way to care for your baby!

Maintain control over your office by keeping mirrors away from your space. Mirrors are believed to reflect any negative energy, characteristics or moods from clients to others in attendance in the room. If you must have a mirror keep a small hand held one in your desk drawer, and only bring it out when you are alone.

Burning a fragrant candle (the scent you choose is up to you) in your office is a terrific way to promote positive energy. A candle changes the dynamics of the atmosphere of an office and casts everything in a soft, glowing light, which is welcoming and calming to everyone who enters. Of course remember burning candles can be dangerous if you are not paying attention. Snuff it out when you plan to leave the room.

Two more points to keep in mind for your office:

Balance the colors and materials you choose for your office very carefully. In other words, have a harmonious mix of light and dark colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures. In Feng Shui this is considered to be balancing the yin and yang, which is always a good practice to get into.

The artwork you choose is more important than most people realize. You will notice a positive or negative effect from the photographs and or paintings hanging on your walls. The office is not the place for experimental artwork; instead choose pictures that are expansive, inviting, beautiful and lush. Examples of good pieces to adorn your walls with are waterfalls, beaches, mountain scenes, trees, bright blue skies and fields alive with colorful flowers. Viewing artwork such as these makes people feel alive, happy, creative and successful (which includes you because it is your office after all).

Make sure you keep the baby monitor on at all times when you are in your home office and make sure you place it in a spot where you can hear your little one when he or she cries out for you!

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