Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Years Crafts for the Kids

By Brandi M. Seals

Your child may not be old enough to ring in the New Year at midnight, but he or she can certainly have a good time on December 31st. I have compiled a number of craft that will keep the kids busy and allow them to have a great time this New Years Eve.

Create a time Capsule
Time capsules are a great project for kids. Sometimes it is hard for them to grasp the concept of time or even to see how things have changed. Make a time capsule together this year and open it next year. Or, wait to open it 5 years down the road.

The capsule will be made from any tin you have laying around the house. Chances are you have popcorn or cookie tins lying around somewhere. If not, try coming up with some other sort of capsule.

Tin or other object that will serve as the time capsule. Make sure it is washed and dried.
Paint brushes
Assorted memorabilia

Separate the tin and its lid.

Use the sandpaper to sand the external surface of the tin and its top. This is so that the paint will stick to the surface.

Brush or wipe off the tin

Lay down newspapers

Use the paints to paint the tin any way you like. Do all painting over the newspaper so as to avoid making a mess. Feel free to paint messages on the tin such as "Time Capsule. Do not open until January 1, 2008."
Let the paint dry

Gather items to place in the time capsule. You could use report cards, great photographs, treasured sports cards or anything else that the children love. Also include a note from each family member saying how they see themselves in the future or what they predict for the coming year.

Place the tin somewhere you will be able to find it when it is time to open it.

New Years Celebration Hats
Every kid I know loves party hats. Have your child make his or her own party hat for the celebration. Start by creating a cone shaped hat out of construction paper. You can find patterns on the internet to do this or simply roll the paper and trim the edges so that a cone forms. Staple the ends so that the hat maintains its shape.

You can use any color construction paper and any weight. I recommend something thinner than poster board but not as thin as tissue paper.

Pre-made hat
Other decorations
Elastic string or large rubber band

Directions Use glue to add decorations to the hat. Spread glue where ever you want the glitter to stick and than sprinkle it on. Be sure to have some newspaper down to catch falling decoration.

Once the decorations are attached, let the hat dry.

Cut the rubber band so that it makes a long elastic string or simply use an elastic string. Staple the string to the sides of the hat so that you create strap that will tuck under the child’s chin and hold the hat in place.

Holiday Clock
Since the little ones often are not able to stay up late enough, why not make a clock and have the kids do a countdown at a more convenient time. They can celebrate like the New Year has come in even if it is only at 8 pm.

Paper plate
Construction Paper
Brads or other metal fastener
Glitter in a variety of colors
Black Marker
Paint brushes
Craft Glue

Use the glitter and paint to decorate the paper plate any way you like. Be sure to work on a covered surface so that table tops do not get ruined.

Be sure to cut numbers out of the construction paper, simply paint on the numbers in the appropriate areas, or draw them on using the markers. Make the celebration time look special by drawing flowers, fireworks, or whatever you would like.

Cut out the clock's hands from the construction paper. You may want to use different colors for the hours hand and the minutes hand.

Punch a small hole in the center of the clock.

Punch a small hole in the end of the hands.

Attach the hands to the brad and fasten it to the paper plate.

Paint a black border around the outside edge of the paper plate so that it really does look like a clock face.

Allow the paint to dry.

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