Friday, December 29, 2006

Securing your Babies Crib

Crib is the most important place for the baby to relax. It is the baby's territory to walk, crawl and even sleep so as a parent we must make sure that the crib is safe in many instances. Circumstances are that babies tend to move a lot especially when they start walking. They tend to climb to possibly get out from the crib that is dangerous when we are not around to assist them. They might fall out from the crib giving those head injuries.

When placing the baby into the crib in order to sleep keep it sure that he/she is back-sleeping. The tendency if you do not do this, the baby is prone to suffocation. Reduce the use of too much pillows or toys around the babies head or anywhere in the crib when sleeping. It is best to use a phone near the baby so that whenever you are not around you can always check how the baby sleeps using the walkie-talkie toy.

Make sure that the crib is sturdy in any time and in any movement caused by the baby. Check the safety measure before thinking of buying the crib. Be sure that the crib has passed standard measures that the crib has like the slat must not be wider than 2 3/8 inches apart. This is to keep the baby from stuck hands or head. The baby to prevent injury like falling the sides into their heads should not easily release the drop sides. It should require at least 10 pounds to release the drop sides. The mattress should not be soft but firm enough to avoid babies from slipping. Check the hardware such as the screws that holds the crib together.

Refrain from buying cribs having decorative headboard or footboard since it can only cause injuries. As much as possible keep it simple just to guard the baby around the crib. Most parents always go to cribs having many designs that are not necessary but instead may endanger their child. Check the type of material of the crib, if it is wood try to test the chip ness. Most babies use their mouth and hands to anything they handle and for plastics or with net cribs, test if it easily breaks off. When the baby becomes heavy, they seem to be heavier than their crib that most likely they fall out. The corner posts should be leveled with the height of the end panels.

Moreover, the crib is not only the consideration in securing the child. Always clear the objects that are his reach. Keep any electrical wirings, curtain edges and pulls, mobile phones and any hard objects that are within his reach. At least clear one meter away from the crib. To keep the baby safe at all times, keep the baby's crib in any noisy environment, hazardous atmosphere as much as possible a nursery where he can sleep safe and sound. The temperature kept in recommended limit, not overheated or too cold. Babies are sensitive to any change of temperature especially since they are still adjusting to the environment. The mattress should be kept clean and has a fitted sheet that will not loose off easily. Provide a mattress having a breathable cover, where air circulates from within and out. Cut any excess ties and traps that may tangle the baby. Lastly, look for safety certification seal since it will give you an idea if it has passed all safety standards.

Keeping the baby safe at all times will generally give you convenience from worrying the child. Since primarily the crib has passes the crib's safety nets worrying about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) will be lessen in percentage. One of the major causes of injuries of most babies are the ineffective cribs that we provide them. Think of the crib our your own bed, a space where you can relax. If you had noticed the baby having the same bruises or injuries over a certain inconvenience of the crib, better realize of changing it before hurting the baby again.
Consider also the weight and the height of the baby, the period of that he will be using the crib. Sometimes some cribs are larger or smaller for the baby that it cannot effectively serve its purpose. If in time the baby matures and starts walking or climbing, remove any bumper pads to prevent him from climbing on the crib.


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