Saturday, December 23, 2006

Talking to Babies

Babies as we know do not know how to talk but they actually communicate with us through their smiles or crying. To develop our communication with them is also stimulating their brains and other motor skills. This also let you realize what they needed when they do cry or smile. Whether we underestimate their capacity to send message on us, they somehow understood our simple gestures on them. When we care to them, like holding their hands, we can subtly feel the tightness of their grasp. It is a remarkable feeling on to them, showing their trust and security. It has been discovered that babies who had been given enough touch has an affect on them in terms of development.

Discover how your baby communicates in you through smiles and cries. Noticed that when you smile, they return it with a smile. This is because they feel excited to the attention you had given to them. They feel happy when you are responding to their gesture and through this; you are helping the baby to react. Reaction has a vital role in responding especially in communication. You help the child to pay attention to your gesture of making them happy. The child creates the emotion and therefore using it as a way of communication. The special connection was created and this way the child's brain as well as emotion was stimulated.

The baby who is responding learns to use his listening skills and visual. By doing so, you can make a small exercise in order for the baby to effectively use the skills. At the same time, you can teach the baby to take turns. Taking turns is essential in communication since it will give the idea of action-reaction. These are effective exercise for a baby in order for the baby to learn how to respond. Simply by holding a hand and letting go. Slowly hold the index of the baby and at the time he grasps it, wait for few seconds and then let go. The motor skill is develop since the baby will manage to hold the hand and let go. Another thing is our simple gestures of cuddling the baby. We only thought that making the baby smile back is just merely teasing them but it does help them to respond. In this way, it can help them manage their smiles or cries.

We easily understood if the baby is uncomfortable especially when they cry. By simple understanding what can be the causes of why the baby is crying then it will help us to know the remedies. Babies' cries for simple reasons, either they diapers are wet, when the temperature is hot or too cold and when they are hungry. Nevertheless, for some instances, babies like to be carried. However, some babies do not cry a lot as other babies are and vice versa. Learning from them also helps us meet their needs. In this case, we are ought to respond depending on the situation. In order for us to get a hint what they are trying to ask, try a small routine. When the baby is hungry, use a feeding bottle of milk and placing it in their mouth. If the baby continues to cry, the baby is not hungry. The baby might have the feeling of discomfort in the bed or due to wet diapers.

Occasionally, talk to your babies like simple nouns such as Mama or Papa. A study says that parents who talk to their babies will teach them to talk at an early age. Same true that they will learn a lot of words. Be excited when you hear familiar words as this will also excite them to speak it more often. They will listen intently to your words at the time they learn that you respond to them. In order for them to follow you, you must speak to them slowly, pronouncing each word by its vowels and consonants. Be excited in speaking to them to get their attention on you. Repeat it over and over gain so that they will remember the words. Once they enjoy hearing you, they might enjoy talking to you eventually.

Plays to them at the same time teach them to respond and communicate since this are the primary ways of having connection with them. One good way of playing is smiling to them. When they smile at you, give them a smile while nodding. A feeling of approval will relax them. When they babble respond by babbling as well. This type of interaction will soon teach them to listen, speak and even think.

Teach them to follow your words as to mimic your sound. By doing so, you will just be surprised that one day, you baby can utter the words you just said. If the baby is interested to the sound you just uttered, repeat it so that the baby can follow. Give simple gestures of smiling, as this will approve if the baby is doing it right. If not, repeat it again until the baby can fully utter the words. Do not be afraid to teach one word at a time, when the baby had said it right, encourages the baby to learn another word. This will enrich his knowledge in words and can make it faster for the baby to learn words.

Playing and this simple ways of connecting to the baby will ensure make them feel good. It will somehow release discomfort on to them, and will develop them to use this skills. Sometimes it helps if you use music also especially those songs intended for babies. This will help them to listen more. A study conducted that the babies trained to listen and respond accordingly really help them, as they grow older.

Enjoy cuddling the baby especially when they are awake. The more you get them to these simple exercises of responding and playing using their hands and mouth will let them develop more. We somehow underestimate their abilities but babies are best for learning. Instead of just waiting for them to cry or smile whenever they want to, as an adult be the first teach them to respond effectively. Be around them when they wiggle and do these funny gestures.

Being around with babies, learning from these gestures and responding to them does not only give me a clue to what they are trying to say but I also prevent them from crying a lot. I saw that the more you know what they meant, the easily for you to give them what they want. At the same time, you make an influence to their attitude as happy babies.

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