Friday, December 29, 2006

What to do with Cry Babies

When I was a kid, I used to call as one of the crybabies having unpredictable tantrums even a nanny cannot stand with my bad attitude. I used to remember a friend who is a perfectionist today is actually a crybaby before. He has this ritual of opening the boiled egg and making sure that the yolk in the middle is not broken but perfectly boiled. If not he will literally just burst out in tears and asks anyone to get him the egg that he wants, right away.

Babies on the other hand have emotions so fragile and sensitive. To calm them down there are things parents can apply to soothe them. Some parents take advantage of getting them to sleep or make them busy eating. Of course, you cannot always do these things almost regularly.

To keep babies them feeling fussy is by common sense keep them away from places that will annoy them. These are the noisy, crowded or anything that will encourage intemperance environment. Initially by instinct, if you find your baby showing signs of fussiness first hand, beware to keep them away immediately.

Furthermore, if your baby is not responding to the strategies you had made try to explore to other options. This is by getting their attention to just mainly moving them. Rocking the baby in the cradle or slow dancing while holding the baby eases the tension. The comfort of taking them in your embrace is one thing and diverting their attention to the movements you had made is other thing. Try having them in a carrier or a sling that you can remove and keep to your body. The closeness between your bodies calms the baby from not feeling alone. Body contact is essential to let them know that you are around and babies are aware with this. It will assure them that you are not far from them of that is important for them. What is convenient of having a wearable carrier is that you can go along your business as you try to soothe the baby.

Calming sounds are also essential. This is why lullabies are created to soothe the baby's ear. It will create a quiet ambience that will relax their tension. While doing this you may soften the light exposure and lower the voice as if you are peeking on a sleeping baby. Nature oriented music is an effective tool of appeasing the baby.

As I have said, if the baby is exposed to irritable environment it is much better to change the setting. Setting is important since babies are sensitive to sound and movements. Just like an adult, if you're exposed to heavy traffic sometimes it can break your day same true with babies.

Touching the baby is also important. Soft tapping them on the back signals them to calm down. It relaxes their muscles. Like adults, when we are console by our friend especially when we are down, we usually are given a good tap or hug. Babies liked to be touched since this is their way of communication.

One of the most popular of soothing the baby is using a pacifier. It is a distraction tool to draw their attention into their mouth. Playing with them can also draw out their attention. Mostly we give them toys to play with.

Alter the babies position, babies respond effectively and lessens the fussiness if you lie them face down in your lap. Slowly tapping their back and hum to comfort the baby. Sometimes changing their position may only be other way of releasing their energies. If nothing works of above mentioned, place the baby in the crib for a while. The baby might want to be left alone for a while and just return to check the baby.

It is always best to believe in your instincts than anything. Parents always know best and it is good that you and your partner will know how to respond in their tantrums. It is important to assure them in any way possible that you are there to guide them. Dealing with their tantrums is critical in their later development as they grow older. What they had learned when they were just babies will be carried over their later stage.

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